Tuesday, August 16, 2011

eWallet: Clearing Recently Used Wallets

This isn't exactly a web development post, but it really bothers me that eWallet has a "Recently Used Wallets" section that doesn't have any sort of aging. After a period of disuse, wallets should fall out of the "Recently Used" category, no?

The Ilium tech support section offers this unhelpful response:
Uninstalling and reinstalling eWallet?! Give me a break.

On Windows 7, just go to

The only entry should be a single subfolder that has a name like:

Click into that subfolder and you should see folders arranged by version number. Open the most recent.
For example, if you see


In the most recent version folder, you will find user.config, which contains (among other things) Recently Used Wallets. The user.config file is an XML document with plain English labels, so it is not hard to navigate. Look for "RecentWallets" and delete the offending string elements.

The next time you restart eWallet, the entries will be gone!

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