Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sublime Text 3 and ColdFusion

The instructions on the git site for the Sublime Text 3 ColdFusion plugin says that the only way to install the plugin is to use Git.

I had trouble getting it to work on a fresh build of Sublime Text 3 because the build from 22 Sep 2013 appears to be broken. The previous build from 17 Sep 2013 works fine, but after installing the broken build, I had to wipe out the Sublime Text 3 settings entirely to get the previous build to work.

Install Git
Download and install the latest version of Git.

Choose the middle option: "Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt"
(By default, "Use Git from Git Bash only" is checked.)

Accept the defaults for the rest.

Download and Install Sublime Text 3

Install the ColdFusion plugin
run CMD.EXE and type the following commands:
The git checkout line above reverts your clone to the Sept 17, 2013 build.

Run Sublime Text 3 and open a ColdFusion page...

The familiar syntax coloring should be there.

Wiping out Sublime Text 3 settings
If you are still having trouble, wipe out the sublime text 3 settings by deleting this folder:
%APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3
It will be recreated the next time you run Sublime Text 3, but be prepared to reinstall all plugins.