Friday, December 6, 2013

Learning One ASP.NET MVC 5

MVC 5 Tutorials
MVC 5 Books
MVC 4 Books

What I like most about these books is they both take a real world scenario and build it out completely, explaining details in a way that video tutorials can't. It is not easy for a novice to translate the MVC 4 examples to MVC 5, but if you build for MVC 4 in Visual Studio 2013, you can follow along with the MVC 4 books almost exactly.

2/10/2014 Removed most of my editorial blather.
4/14/2014 Wrox publish date bumped out yet again.
8/6/2014 Wrox finally released their book. I have changed language stacks to ColdFusion/Java, so this is the last time I will update this page or my ASP.NET content.

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